Creative Authority

One day participatory performance / 2019

In collaboration with Fred Schmidt-Arenales

How do creative groups negotiate authority? Who do we trust to represent us, and on what terms? Creative Authority invites a group of artists and organizers to digest these questions collaboratively, over the course of a one-day intensive. Throughout the day, the group observes its emotional and intellectual responses to recording and being recorded.


The day consists of conversations about group dynamics as they unfold in real time, and culminates in a video-recorded discussion. The organizing artists attempt to guide the group’s awareness of emergent group dynamics, while also directing the process of collaborative documentation.

Inspired by Group Relations in the Tavistock method, this event investigates power and authority in groups, and the delicate and sometimes controversial dynamics that come up when artists represent other people.

Presented for the Togetherism Festival at Coprosperity Sphere

All artworks copyright Suso Pomor Phizer. All rights reserved.